• Black Handwoven Katan (कतान) Silk Kadhuan (कढ़ुआँ) Brocade Dupatta

Black Handwoven Katan (कतान) Silk Kadhuan (कढ़ुआँ) Brocade Dupatta
SKU: DPT 50672 BLK

Rs 10,495 INR

Black Handwoven Katan (कतान) Silk Kadhuan (कढ़ुआँ) Brocade Dupatta
SKU: DPT 50672 BLK

Rs 10,495 INR
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Please allow for some color difference from the images due to variations in how cameras read colors, how different screen types (hd vs non-hd) reproduce colors differently and also how colors look different in different lighting conditions.

If you are looking for something which is supremely Banarasi, take a close look at this handwoven dupatta.

Notice how every buta has been adorned with Meenas of four colors, including the gold zari. The same colors are then subtly used in the border and the pallu to present a cohesive ensemble. Unlike many modern designs where there is little convergence of the body and pallu, here you will see a conversation between the classic Kadhuan Buta in the body and the beautiful floral vines in the pallu.

The sparkle of the fine tested zari when exposed to light extends a super premium look to the Dupatta. The black color is ever so classic.

This one has our strong recommendation.



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