Sarees, is a business of relationships.

Here the buying experience, we believe, is as important as the product itself. The conversations you can engage into when buying in person from our gaddi in Benares, the aroma of the masala tea served in a kullad, the after-taste of the banarasi paan, the joy of witnessing the sarees being woven live on a handloom beside you, all go a long-way in establishing a long-lasting connection.

While online saree shopping offers incredible convenience and price benefits, it may sometimes lack the emotions of in-store buying. For our online store, however, we have tried our best to minimize the distances and offer an experience as close to buying in person as it can get. You will feel this in the manner we display our sarees, the way we provide complete details about the fabric, and in the little surprises you may find inside the order package you receive.

At HolyWeaves, we look forward to building a long-term relationship with you, one of trust and respect.


Must Try. Our Silk Scarves.

Midnight Maroon Banarasi Random Traingles Tanchoi Silk-Wool Scarf 75"x21"

Recommended Mens Pocket Square

Gray Banarasi Tiger Stripes Silver Zari Brocade Handwoven Silk Pocket Square - By HolyWeaves, Benares

Your Trust Matters

A big thank you for choosing HolyWeaves. I assure you that we truly value your trust and work very hard to earn it. At HolyWeaves, we make a conscious effort to offer the best Indian textiles and banarasi brocades at genuine prices.

We pour our heart in every textile we create and sell, and hope that we are able to meet your expectations with every purchase. If we do, please do leave us a review and recommend us to your friends and family.

If you or your family and friends are visiting Benares anytime, we extend a warm invitation to visit our studio for an authentic Benarasi saree shopping experience with live handloom weaving.

Rinki Agrawal

Director, HolyWeaves, Benares.

UPI/Google Pay Available

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In addition to cards and netanking, users in India can now also pay with UPI and Google Pay. Select the UPI payment option on the payment page, and place the order. Order gets placed without payment. After order is placed, you can pay by scanning this QR code or by using the UPI ID given below. We request to complete payment within the next one hour of placing order. You can use Google Pay or any app that supports UPI.

Google Pay Number: 7347734773

UPI ID: crm-holyweaves.com@okhdfcbank

For any support, please WhatsApp us on +91 7347734773.

कोई उम्मीद बर नहीं आती, कोई सूरत नज़र नहीं आती,
बनारस की तर्ज़-ए-हिंदुस्तान क्या कहने की चीज़ है।

Mirza Ghalib, one of the most celebrated Urdu poets, had a fascination for the city of Banaras. He visited the city several times and was enamoured with its culture, people, and traditions. Ghalib has written several poems about Banaras, including the above couplet.

We invite you to visit Banaras, a city that has inspired pilgrims, historians, poets and artists for centuries. Visit our weaving studio for, we promise, an unmatched experience of authentic saree shopping.

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