• Black Katan Silk Kadhuan Brocade Handwoven Dupatta

Black Katan Silk Kadhuan Brocade Handwoven Dupatta
SKU: DPT 50518 BLK

Rs 20,995 INR

Black Katan Silk Kadhuan Brocade Handwoven Dupatta
SKU: DPT 50518 BLK

Rs 20,995 INR
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The dupatta features the Kadhuan Brocade weaving technique, considered to be the epitome of handloom brocade weaving, to create the motifs. Each design motif is woven individually with a hand shuttle, diligently, one row at a time by a master weaver. Weaving time for each dupatta is usually in excess of 200 man hours, often significantly longer.
The dupatta measures approximately 2.5 meters in length, 44 inches in width and weighs 430 g.

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