Thanks for your interest in buying wholesale for reselling.

Before you begin, we request your understanding on the following terms and conditions.

Account Creation Terms

  • HolyWeaves Wholesale is meant strictly for stores/corporate buyers/ resellers looking to buy in bulk for reselling. Personal use purchases, irrespective of quantity are not allowed in the wholesale channel.
  • You need to share your business information, such as business name, address, GSTIN etc. Once we review the information provided by you, we shall get in touch with you. Please note that if we are unable to verify your business details, registration request will  be declined. So please provide complete and correct business information.
  • GSTIN is compulsory for registration for Indian buyers.
  • The wholesale terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

    Minimum Order Requirements

    • The minimum order quantity for first wholesale order is 20 pcs (can be assorted designs), and the minimum order value is Rs 2,00,000.
    • The minimum order quantity for subsequent wholesale orders placed within three months of previous order is much lower at 10 pcs (can be assorted design), and the minimum order value for these repeat orders is Rs 50,000.
    • Certain products in lower price brackets are sold in sets.
    • Both minimum quantity and minimum value conditions need to be met for placing wholesale orders.
    • The minimum order requirements are subject to change.

      Payment Terms

      • Wholesale orders are processed against payment. Payments for wholesale orders are accepted through NEFT/ Funds Transfer/ Wire Transfer into our bank account. Cash/ Cards/ PayPal etc are not accepted for wholesale orders.
        • Payment against order needs to be done within two business days from the order date, subsequent to which the reserved goods shall be released to the available pool.

        Shipping & Delivery Terms

        • We usually dispatch all wholesale orders within seven business days. This time line, however, is only for reference and not guaranteed. 
        • Goods may be shipped together or in instalments as per availability. If there is delay beyond the estimated time of seven days, we shall contact you to discuss the alternatives.
        • For shipments within India, both surface and air shipping options may be available depending on shipment weight and location. Express shipments usually take 4-8 business days to deliver. Surface shipments may take 8-15 days to deliver. 
        • International Shipping is available at competitive rates to most major countries including the US, UK, EU, Singapore, Australia and UAE.
        • The shipping charges are based both on shipment weight and value, and shall be calculated at the time of checkout.
        • Buyers can opt to use their own shipping account and get the consignments picked from our warehouse.

        Exchange Terms

        • Goods once sold shall not be exchanged/ returned for any reason.
        • Customers are expected to understand the fabric types, and the inherent textures and feel. Any query in this regard can be sent to us before the order is placed.
        • All products are diligently checked before shipping. For handwoven goods, there may be certain acceptable level of inconsistencies in the products. These cannot be considered defects.
        • Wholesale prices are subject to change depending on input costs and product life-cycles. 


        We wish to assure you that the above conditions have been carefully designed to safeguard your own interest as a genuine reseller of our products.

        For any queries or support, you can email or whatsapp us.

        Email: wholesale@holyweaves.com

        WhatsApp: +91 9696445745

        Please click on this link to directly open a whatsapp chat with us. 


        Happy Selling.