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Fabrics Buying Guide


We request you to please consider the following before placing an online order for Fabrics.
  • Return or exchange is not available on Fabrics.
  • Please consider the width of the fabric while calculating the fabric length requirement. The approximate width is mentioned in the product details.
  • Please make an informed judgement about the thickness of the fabric to ensure that the fabric is fit for the use you are buying it. You may use the product weight as an indicator of thickness. 
  • Certain fabrics may have cuts or floating threads on the reverse and may require use of lining in the finished garment.
  • We often use color-family names instead of the specific color name in the product titles and descriptions. Some colors may overlap into multiple color-families. For eg, a sea-green or aqua-green may also look blue. Still you may find them titled as Green. We recommend considering the color visible in the images as a better indicator of the actual colors.
  • Notwithstanding the above, please note that depending on the screen-type and lighting conditions, there can be a marginal to significant difference in colors of the product. Such differences shall not qualify for an exchange or refund.
  • QTY (Quantity) for fabrics refers to length in meters. QTY of 1 refers to length of one meter. QTY of 2 refers to an uncut length of 2 meters.
  • Currently, you can only buy fabrics in multiples of 1 meter. For instance, while you can order 1 or 2 meters, you can not order 1.5 meters.
For any clarifications, feel free to use the help widget at the bottom/right of the screen or write to us at
Happy Shopping.