Sarees, is a business of relationships.

Here the buying experience, we believe, is as important as the product itself. The conversations you can engage into when buying in person from our gaddi in Benares, the aroma of the masala tea served in a kullad, the after-taste of the banarasi paan, the joy of witnessing the sarees being woven live on a handloom beside you, all go a long-way in establishing a long-lasting connection.

While online saree shopping offers incredible convenience and price benefits, it may sometimes lack the emotions of in-store buying. For our online store, however, we have tried our best to minimize the distances and offer an experience as close to buying in person as it can get. You will feel this in the manner we display our sarees, the way we provide complete details about the fabric, and in the little surprises you may find inside the order package you receive.

At HolyWeaves, we look forward to building a long-term relationship with you, one of trust and respect.


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Purple Banarasi Alfi Sona Rupa Buti Cutwork Brocade Handwoven Katan Silk Fabric - HolyWeaves

Purple Banarasi Alfi Sona Rupa Buti Cutwork Brocade Handwoven Katan Silk Fabric

SKU: FBR-4418700401-PRL

Rs 2,695 Rs 3,590

per meter

(Designs remain available for limited period only. Once sold out, same design will not be available again. We may not be able to respond to queries on sold-out products. Request you to buy your favorites before they go.)



Ramtanu Pandey was an extremely talented, but not very prominent, musician in 16th century Central India. However, when he received the patronage of Mughal Emperor Akbar, he came to be recognised as the legendary TANSEN.

Throughout the ages, art-forms needed patrons to survive. There could be no Tansen without an Akbar, No Leonardo Vinci without a Medici, and no Gulzar without a Bimal Roy.

Like music, Handloom Textiles need the constant support of benevolent patrons like you to thrive. When you buy a handloom saree, not only you support the art-form, you also provide direct employment to a weaver for 15-30 days.

Be Our Akbar, Our Medici, our Roy.

Buy a piece of authentic Handloom Textile from our online store today at manufacturer prices.


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To us, textiles and music are inextricably linked.

If you are an Apple Music user, you can now listen to some beautiful playlists we have curated of our most favorite ragas, songs, and bhajans, which we believe you will enjoy as much as our textiles.

Our pick for the month- Raga Bhimpalasi, a beautiful afternoon raga from the Kafi thaat.

Interesting trivia: Many of the music legend A R Rahman's songs feature this raga.

Listen to the HolyWeaves Raga Bhimpalasi Playlist

Visiting Benares?

We have tried to offer the finest handwoven silks on our online store. But if you prefer the personalised experience of in-store shopping, and touch and feel the products before buying, we invite you to visit us in Benares.

Our Benares store is accessible by vehicles of all kinds and we have taken care to offer you the most comfortable and enjoyable saree-buying experience in Benares.