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The importance of following The DHARMA of Online Reviews

Do you always review your online-shopping experiences when they are good? No?

In order to create a healthy ecommerce ecosystem, its an online shopper's duty to review sellers who create good experiences, in order to earn the right to denounce those who fall short of expectations.

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To us, textiles and music are inextricably linked.

If you are an Apple Music user, you can now listen to some beautiful playlists we have curated of our most favorite ragas, songs, and bhajans, which we believe you will enjoy as much as our textiles.

With the onset of the monsoons, our top pick for the season would be the Malhars playlist, the Surdasi Malhars being our most favorite.

Listen to the HolyWeaves Malhars Playlist

Visiting Benares?

We have tried to offer the finest handwoven silks on our online store. But if you prefer the personalised experience of in-store shopping, and touch and feel the products before buying, we invite you to visit us in Benares.

Our Benares store is accessible by vehicles of all kinds and we have taken care to offer you the most comfortable and enjoyable saree-buying experience in Benares.

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