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India Handloom

HolyWeaves is authorized by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India for marketing and promotion of genuine handloom products.


India Handloom Brand :

India Handloom Brand

Launched  by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 7th August, 2015 the first National Handloom Day, to endorse the quality of handloom products in terms of raw material, processing, embellishment, weaving, design and other parameters besides social and environment compliance. The main objective is to promote the production of quality products with new designs for winning the trust and confidence of customers by giving particular attention to the defect free, hand woven, authentic niche products with zero defect and zero impact on environment. The registration under the brand is given after stringent testing of samples in the Govt. of India Laboratory.


Handloom Mark:

 Handloom Mark

The Handloom Mark was launched in year 2006 to serve as a guarantee to the buyer that handloom product being purchased is a genuine hand woven product and not a powerloom or mill made product. The Textiles Committee is the implementing agency for promotion of handloom mark.