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Article: RIP Pt Rajan Mishra

RIP Pt Rajan Mishra

At HolyWeaves, we deeply mourn the demise of Padma Bhushan Pt Rajan Mishra Ji, of Rajan-Sajan duo. Pandit Ji was one of the foremost exponents of Khayal Gayaki, and the leading light of the Benares school of music. He left us for heavenly abode on 25th Apr, 2021, aged 70.

We had the privilege of receiving Pandit Ji's blessings whenever he visited Benares, his home.

As a tribute, we have put together an Apple Music playlist of some of our favourite bhajans and bandishes for those who dont already follow their work. The playlist is only a preview from their huge body of work that spans over four decades. We  hope this will get you initiated and wanting to explore more of their incredible work, easily available on various mediums. The romance, the emotions, the ras, that can be felt in their work is nonpareil.


We offer our sincere condolences to his most loving younger brother Pandit Sajan Mishra Ji (they always performed together), and his family.

We will miss him dearly. Benares will miss him dearly. Music will miss him dearly.

Om Shanti.

(Fans of Pandit Ji can post their tributes in the comments section below and we will share it with his family.)

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