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Multi-color Banarasi "Dumahi" Rangkaat Handwoven Katan Silk Saree

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हवा में नशा ही नशाफ़ज़ा में रंग ही रंग,
ये किस ने पैरहन अपना उछाल रक्खा है।

-अहमद फ़राज़

A handloom banarasi is one of those very few products that belongs equally to the world of art and the world of fashion and commerce.

However, a masterpiece Rangkaat like this one takes a whole new dimension. Taking approximately two months to weave by a master-weaver with more than 40 years of weaving expertise, heirloom banarasis like this one are as much a treasure, as a responsibility- to preserve and pass to the next generation.

About the weave, this Classic Banarasi features not just one primary weft. Instead, it uses the rangkaat technique to interlock different hues of weft in an enchanting geometric grid/mosaic pattern. Simultaneously, the grids are superimposed with banarasi butas in metallic zari using the kadhuan technique. The borders are woven using the Kadiyal technique for the sharp and clean contrast between the multi-color body and the maroon mono-chrome border, which is again brocaded in metallic zari.


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